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Able to produce locally chemical chemistry. We could arrange a joint venture for production of diagnostics under our formulation

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Product Information   Diagnostics Lines
Diagnostic production is standardized on ISO 9001 procedures which involve the production flow from raw materials to the final products.
Our main production lines are:
  • Diagnostics reagents for Clinical Chemistry
  • Diagnostics reagents for Electrophoresis
  • Immuno Diagnostics for Reumatology
  • Rapid test on latex
Automatic equipments allow to produce large quantity of vials for each lot.
All production phases are made in rooms protected from humidity, dust and pollution. As a results the quality of our diagnostics is very high.

View our free sales certificate: 01, 02, 03.

Conformity Declaration
Download here our conformity declaration.
  Other diagnostics lines, produced by very important International Companies, are commercialized under our brand, like:
  • Rapid tests on cards
  • Diagnostics for Coagulation
  • Immunoturbidimetry

The quality control sheets are available for each batch of every diagnostics product.

Besides kits "SGM Italia" branded, we can supply diagnostics in personalized packaging, in vrac or in bulk.

Accordingly to the European regulations, all our kits are CE marked. The certification and the performances data can be sent upon request.

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