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Able to produce locally chemical chemistry. We could arrange a joint venture for production of diagnostics under our formulation

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SGM Italia was born in Rome more than 35 years ago, being a partner for Labs and Hospitals.
Productions, enhanced every time, with ever new technologies to mix and dispense reagents, reach today the best quality levels.

ISO 9001 certification, enhanced more the internal procedures and customer service.

We are so producers for best quality reagents for Labs and Hospitals and we produce also for Firms labelling vials with their trade mark, performing a personalised packaging.

Besides our production you will find commercialised products wich are cheap and with a good quality: like cards, coagulation, RID.

At last we are proud of our good customer services and delivery time, and of operative assistance given without cost to customers.

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Street Address: Via Eschilo 186C
00125, Rome, Italy

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